Publisher Interviews

The marvellous world of email newsletters would be nothing without the publishers who do the painstaking work of showing up in your inbox week in, week out. These interviews explore the creativity, the curation, the process, and the business of inbox publishing from the most prolific newsletter publishers.

April 13, 2019

Behind The Message
Q&A with Dan Levy

As the Editorial Director at Smooch, Dan Levy is the force behind The Message, a fortnightly company newsletter that digs into the way communication technologies (email, messaging, chat, voice) impact…
September 7, 2017

Dave Pell Interview

Dave Pell is the self-appointed Managing Editor of the Internet. Every morning he distils the day's most interesting news, remixes it with a punchy wit, and delivers it to hundreds of…
August 7, 2017

Ernie Smith Interview

Twice a week, Ernie Smith sends the latest edition of Tedium to thousands of curious inboxes. The byline, the dull side of the internet resonates with a deep exploration into the fascinating…