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Email is the original social network… a tiny personalized internet that lives in your inbox. But finding great publishers you love and trust was never easy. So we curated a collection of the best newsletters for you to subscribe to.

You might even fall in love with your inbox again.

Raving Fans

A few mentions from companies we love. Seems people ♥ this.

The Newsletter Collection

Spencer Wright

The Prepared

The Caret

Nick Maggiulli

Of Dollars and Data

Tamas Sari


The Desk of Otegha Uwagba

The Desk of Otegha Uwagba

Aleyda Solis


Digital Journalism

Nieman Lab Daily Newsletter

Ground News

Blindspot Report

Daniella Pierson

The Newsette

Alastair Humphreys

The Working Adventurer

Gonz Sanchez


Sari Azout

Check Your Pulse

The Daily Good

AmyAnn Cadwell

The Daily Good

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Maker Mind

Startups & growth

Andrew Chen Newsletter

Svenja Prigge

The Posterwomxn Letter

Margit Detweiler & Karen Gerwin

The TueDo List

Laura Olin Newsletter

Mathias Jakobsen

Think Clearly

Andrew Kamphey

Influence Weekly

David Hieatt of Hiut Denim

Scrapbook Chronicles

Jenna Backus

The Friyay Fuel

The Message

Dan Levy at Smooch

The Message

Cool tools



Atlas Obscura

Maria Popova

The Marginalian

Science, tech, and posiitive news by Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter

Future Crunch

David Sherry

Creative Caffeine

Austin Kleon

Tina Roth Eisenberg

Swiss Miss

Jocelyn Glei

Paul Jarvis

The Sunday Dispatches

Ann Friedman Weekly

Peter Attia Newsletter

Per Håkansson

Fewer Better Things

The Sunday Letters

Growth Memo

Wait But Why

Patrick Tanguay



Signal v Noise

Living Beautifully

What the fuck just happened today?

Tomas Laurinavicius

Life Designed

The Sizzle

Barking up the wrong tree

Really Good Emails

Next Draft

Now I Know

Jason Kottke & Tim Carmody


Azeem Azhar

Exponential View

The Brainwave