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Unlock your inner influencer, impress your friends, get free swag, VIP access, get social status and heaps of kudos.

You trust your friends, right?

And they trust you?

So when you tell them about the new burrito place or the under-rated Taleb book you just read, they’re game for giving it a shot.

That’s because we’re all (micro)influencers. We trust our inner circle and we’re always looking for new stuff, new experiences, and new ideas.

Before the internet (even before TV, radio, and books) this kind of word-of-mouth is how everything spread. It’s through stories that we learned to use fire to turn bison into delicious steak.

The magic in the influencer equation is trust. It’s hard-coded into our culture and it’s self-regulating. When your peeps love your recommendation, you jump a few notches towards rockstar on the trust scale. Send them somewhere shitty and they’ll stop listening to you. Screw up enough and they’ll ditch you forever. We repay good advice with trust.

Savvy businesses have caught onto this idea of turning their raving fans into influencers and ambassadors. They make it really simple for people who care to share ideas with people who are just like them.

They’ll even bribe you with cool stuff like money (affiliate programs), special access to private communities, dapper swag, early access to their software. Just like Dropbox did when they gave away extra storage for referring new users.

When they get it right, it’s brilliant because everybody wins.

Your friends win because they get awesome new things.
You win because your friends think you’re incredible, smart, and in-the-loop.
The company wins because they get a new customer (and potential influencer).

Marketers love to get off on the mechanics of referral marketing because it hacks into the innate way that humans share stuff and tell stories. And when (if) it goes viral, they like to take the credit for the genius idea that was actually invented by human nature.

So that’s some fancy pre-amble to why ambassadors rock. Now here are your invites to the email newsletters that give you cool stuff for sharing cool stuff with your mates:

In a hurry? Here’s the tl;dr version with just the links

Morning Brew
The Hustle
The Skimm (Skimm’bassadors)
Growth Hacking idea (invite only)
Girls’ Night In
Daily Pnut

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter with the most important business news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Over one million readers.

What you get when you share Morning Brew
Exclusive content and branded swag (stickers, tees, sweaters, coffee mugs).

How to get your Morning Brew referral link
Sign up through this link and you’ll automagically get a referral link in every email. Crazy easy.

Sign up at Morning Brew

The Hustle

The Hustle is a daily newsletter with an edgy & savvy hot take on the day’s news. Leans towards tech but focuses on what matters most. It’s not just for millennials.

What you get when you become a Hustle Ambassador
Cool swag (stickers, tees, baseball caps). Heavy hitters get lifetime access to events (once you send 500 ppl their way).

How to become a Hustle Ambassador
You’ll need an invite (like this one). As soon as you’ve referred 4 friends, you’re an official ambassador. Badass.

Become a Hustle Ambassador


Finimize unpacks the day’s important financial news and makes it makes sense for the current generation. A totally unboring way to understand money in under 3 minutes a day.

What you get when you become a Finimize Ambassador
Swag, beta access to the new app, job opportunities and exclusive (secret) bonuses.

How to become a Finimize Ambassador
You’ll need an invite (like this one) and once you sign up, you’ll get your own personal invite link.

Become a Finimize Ambassador

The Skimm

The Skimm brings the interesting to your inbox every morning. It’s a cult of millions and Oprah, Trevor Noah, Lena Dunham, and SJP are superfans. Their Skimm’bassador program turns readers into a passionate community. It’s a beautiful thing.

What you get when you become a Skimm’bassador
In their own words: Swag on swag. Go wild. Tote your Skimm bag and rock your shirt, while typing on your Skimm-cased phone, sipping out of your Skimm wine glass under your Skimm umbrella ella ella. First access to HQ internship and job opportunities. Connect with other Skimm’bassadors in your city and around the country on Facebook, LinkedIn, and in person at local meetups. Partnership perks. Past highlights: scholarship for a Skimm’bassador entrepreneur, exclusives and early access with our partner brands.

How to become a Skimm-bassador
Sign up and get your link. Then invite your peeps. Once you’ve brought 10 friends into the clique, you’re in.

Become a Skimm'bassador

Growth Hacking Idea (Invite only)

1-min Startup Studies On How to Boost Your Traction By >99x. You’ll get one short curated actionable startup study delivered to your email twice a week. This is the underground newsletter that people from Techstars, Uber, Facebook, and LinkedIn are reading.

What you get when you become a Growth Hacking Idea Ambassador
Daily updates (more growth case-studies) instead of the normal 2 a week. Access to beta testing and exclusive content.

How to become a Growth Hacking Idea Ambassador
You’ll need an invite (like this one) and once you sign up, you’ll get your own personal invite link to level up.

Get your Invite for Growth Hacking Idea

Girls’ Night In

A weekly newsletter for boss women who’d rather stay in tonight. They call their ambassadors Girls Night Insiders. Clever 🙂

“In this busy and demanding world, we believe it’s important to treat yourself, practice self-care, and have a chill night in with your BFFs or on your own.”

What you get when you become a Girls Night Insider
Girls’ Night Insiders receive free swag, exclusive announcements about upcoming events, and are eligible for exclusive giveaways from our brand partners.

You’ll receive credit for a referral when your friend signs up for the GNI newsletter.

How to become a Girls Night Insider
Subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get your referral link straight away so you can start inviting your girlfriends.

Become a Girls' night Insider

Daily Pnut (say ‘peanut’)

The Daily Pnut is our generation’s newspaper 2.0. In a world with infinite perspectives, voices and information, you get a concise, irreverent and satirical daily email to start your morning off right. You should look forward to reading the news, not dread it.

What you get when you become a Daily Pnut Ambassador
T shirts. And mugs. Here’s how we do coffee at Letterlist HQ: French press / float double cream / heavy on the cinnamon.

How to become a Daily Pnut Ambassador
Sign up and they’ll send you your personal referral link to share with your BFFs.

Become a Daily Pnut Ambassador